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Our mission


Our mission is to create a high quality learning environment in a culture of commitment and care. 

Our aim is to build an Academy where students:

  • Enjoy learning and work hard to achieve their best
  • Feel safe and secure and are respectful to each other at all times
  • Work together and help each other to make an Academy that the whole community can be proud of

Quarrydale Academy aims to provide high quality education and make every lesson count.  Orderly classrooms with well-motivated students enjoying learning are always our priority. We focus continually on teaching and learning, with high standards and expectations. We expect to find an effective learning environment where students are challenged and able to achieve in every classroom with every teacher in every lesson.

High standards of teaching and learning are at the heart of our success.  Lessons are planned that cater for the individual needs of all learners including students with additional needs and the most able. 

Within the classroom our students enjoy opportunities to work as a part of groups as well as developing their own independent learning skills. We are able to provide this individualised approach through our effective assessment of our students’ capabilities.

Demanding targets are set that challenge our students and encourage them to strive to achieve their best and more. Beyond the classroom, our students are provided with an extensive range of opportunities and we encourage everyone to participate in extra curricular activities according to their talents and interests.

"Quarrydale Academy aims to provide high quality" education and make every lesson count"

- Quarrydale Academy

Teaching and Learning Policy

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