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Quarrydale has a well-established pastoral system

Quarrydale has a well-established pastoral system that aims to support  your child’s social, emotional and personal development, alongside their academic progress and welfare.

Our pastoral system is organised in age groups Years 7 to 11. On entry to Quarrydale, every pupil is assigned to a tutor group which will, in most cases, be their tutor for their entire stay at school. Each tutor group is led by a tutor who should always be the first point of contact if there are any concerns, worries or other issues. Tutors develop an understanding and detailed knowledge of each individual’s personality and capabilities. Tutors work under the direction of a Head of Year and a designated member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Pupils are also supported by our Student Support Services Team and by our Behaviour Support Team

Heads of Year

Please find the head of year information below for each year group.
Year 7 - L Walton
I would like to welcome you on your new journey at Quarrydale Academy. It will be a privilege to share this exciting journey with you. I am looking forward to getting to you know you all, along with your parents. By us all working together, we can become better and improve outcomes for everyone. You will have a wealth of experience guiding and supporting you along the way and I encourage you to build those positive relationships with your tutors and support staff connected to the year group. Their knowledge and experience will be crucial, will instil resilience and there will be no bounds to what you can achieve.
Year 8 - R Lane / R Clay
Year 9 - S Boyd
Year 10 - A Thompson
Year 11 - K Cohen

Pastoral Support Officers

Please find the year information below for each year group.
Year 7 - S Brooks
Year 8 - L Chappell
Year 9 - W Rhodes
Year 10 - E Evans
Year 11 - L Sheldon