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Student Expectations

The standards set out in these guidelines aim to ensure that students are clearly identified as members of Quarrydale Academy.

It is our intention that, through the Academy dress code, students will be seen as good ambassadors by presenting in a smart Quarrydale school uniform when they are in the Academy, the local community and elsewhere.

The formal dress code is associated with the high standards of work and behaviour we expect from each child. It is important that all staff reinforce these expectations and remind students regularly of the reasons for wearing a uniform. During inclement weather the wearing of boots with trousers tucked in is acceptable to avoid trouser bottoms from getting wet.

All students are expected to be in full uniform each day. Students will be removed from lessons if they are not wearing the correct uniform or their hairstyle, makeup or jewellery does not meet with Academy’s expectations. Parents and/or students should check with the school before purchasing items or colouring/styling hair if they are unsure of whether the item/hairstyle/hair colour will meet with school expectations.

Uniform information
for students

What is expected?

Plain white shirt with collar (can be short sleeved; no soft collar or polo shirts)

Official school tie

Students are not permitted to: wear jewellery (except a wristwatch, 1 stud / spacer in each ear lobe no bigger than 5mm), denim clothing of any sort, make-up (including fake, acrylic, gel, polished, painted or coloured nails), hoodies, caps, sweatshirts, trainers or other similar sports and designer clothing

Black shoes of conventional traditional appearance (no trainers/pumps or plimsolls, due to Health and Safety requirements); during winter months / inclement weather black boots may be worn with school trousers tucked in for protection

Black v neck jumper with embroidered school badge - this is an optional garment; however, no other jumper or cardigan is to be worn. (no hoodies, caps, sweatshirts are to be worn)

Black blazer with embroidered school badge must be worn at all times around the academy. Students are allowed to remove blazers in lessons at the teacher’s discretion

Plain black trousers (no tracksuit bottoms/jeggings/leggings or any denim regardless of colour or material that looks like denim), girls may choose a plain black skirt, knee length or close to knee length at the discretion of the HOY, skirts must be tailored and not stretchy/clingy material

An apron for use in technology, art and science

Mobile devices are not allowed within the Academy

Headphones are not permitted in the Academy

Hair must be a natural hair colour only

Academy Policy

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P.E kit
for students

What is expected?

Quarrydale short sleeved Polo Shirt**

Quarrydale Long-Sleeved Rugby Top (Compulsory for Boys, optional for Girls)**

Quarrydale Long-Sleeved ¼ zip Fleece (Compulsory for Girls, optional for Boys)**

Navy Blue Shorts or Quarrydale Navy Blue Leggings (Non see-through)** or Quarrydale Tracksuit Bottoms**

Navy Blue Long Socks


Studded Boots (Boys only)

It is strongly recommended that students wear a gumsheild for rugby

Optional Items - White Ankle socks

Optional Items - Quarrydale Navy Blue Jogging/Tracksuit Bottoms**

Optional Items - Quarrydale Beanie hat (winter only)**