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Help and Guidance

This section is for students seeking to access information on a range of issues and young people who find it hard to ask for help.

At Quarrydale Academy our pastoral care is excellent. There are many people in the Academy you can talk to. You can also access this site, which has a wealth of information you may need.

General Advice

It is well known that looking after your body also helps your brain. However, we believe that health goes further than this.

A healthy person knows how to deal with stress, is self aware about personal safety and has a responsible attitude to drugs, sexual health and emotional well being.

Emotional Health

As well as looking after your body it is equally important to keep your mind in shape.
Mental and physical well being are two halves of a whole, you cannot have one if the other is being neglected. Remember there are people in the Academy who are willing to talk and give advice in these areas.


Parent line

07520 619919

Healthy Family Team

This is a confidential texting service to provide parents and carers advice around feeding, child development, parenting advice and support, emotional health and wellbeing, behaviour difficulties and family health.


This is an NHS site supporting young children and parents.

Will Garvey Trust Foundation


This is an online counselling service,

Chat Health

07507 329952

Healthy Family Team

This is a confidential texting service for 11 to 19-year olds in Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.
If you are already signed up to this service or if you would like to be signed up, please contact the advice line.  All we will need is your email address.

Notts Help Yourself

This is a site for advice, information and local services available.

Child Line

0800 1111


This is an NHS site supporting young people around emotional wellbeing
Mental Health

More than 850,000 children and young people in the UK have been diagnosed with a

mental health condition, you are not alone.

Young Minds offer advice and resources for young people.

The Time to Change website has real life stories and celebrity pledges to help end the

stigma of mental health.

Don’t call me crazy BBC




Young minds

Self Harm
Eating Disorders
Personal Safety
Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs and Crime
Discrimination and Prejudice
Other useful websites