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Quarrydale Values and Ethos

We are passionate about and committed to ensuring every Quarrydale child is placed firmly at the centre of our attention and they are always at the heart of our vision.  

By working together we believe we can make Quarrydale a thriving and successful academy with a distinctive ethos that is founded on high expectations and respect. We realise that keeping a sharp focus on developing high quality teaching, marking and feedback, whilst continually aspiring to higher standards in all areas, will enable all our students to achieve their potential which in turn, will lead to improvements in the academy’s overall performance.

Achieving our vision will also contribute to other aspects of a child’s life: health and well being, safety, and developing the wider experiences and skills that characterise a good childhood. We want to prepare every young person for a successful adult life.

‘Their achievements are our reward’

The Vision

Quarrydale is a thriving and successful academy with a very distinctive identity founded on high expectations, excellent teaching and a personalised approach to learning. This, together with our specialism in Science, plays a central role in helping our students achieve their best and to enjoy their education. Quarrydale is an academy where students can develop confidence, self respect and dignity, whilst also learning about respect for others, teamwork and leadership. Therefore, by the time our students leave, they will have gained the skills, qualities and qualifications needed for success as adults. 


Our academy's ethos is based on the absolute conviction that every Quarrydale child matters. Colleagues show genuine concern for every student in their care. Each student has a personal tutor, someone in the academy who knows them well, helps them plan to meet their ambitions and acts promptly to address problems which may be preventing them from succeeding. This will include talking to parents and bringing in other support when necessary. 


Quarrydale is an academy at the heart of its community. Most parents place great value on our academy and show strong support for Quarrydale. We actively engage and listen to parents, making sure their views are taken into consideration when shaping our policies. We work with them as partners in their child’s learning, personal development and well-being. We are also accessible to the wider community we serve and offer an extended range of sporting, cultural and learning opportunities.


We also work in close partnership with other schools to ensure education across the local area is as good as it can be. Our distinctive contribution is through Science, which underpins the rich and diverse programme of collaborative events and activities that we run with our partner schools.


Overall, Quarrydale is a very effective academy, which serves its local community well by providing a first rate education to all its pupils. 

Mission statement

Our mission is to create a learning environment in which every lesson counts in a culture of commitment and care.


Aims  > Our aim is to build an Academy where students:


  • Enjoy learning and work hard to achieve their best

  • Feel safe and secure and are respectful to each other at all times 

  • Work together and help each other to make an Academy that the whole community can be proud of 


 Our watch words are: Aspire, Believe, Succeed

"Working Together for a Better Future"

- Quarrydale Academy



We believe that:

All individuals should have equality of opportunity

Learning should be challenging and supported

Teamwork encourages co-operation and unity

Respect should be encouraged and promoted

Giving responsibility fosters trust and develops self-discipline

Achieving success builds self-confidence and happiness