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Year 9 Options

The options process has now started
Students should read the subject information, make their choices and then apply via our website

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Welcome to Quarrydale Academy
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Welcome to Quarrydale Academy
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Aspire !
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Believe !
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Succeed !
Mr Paling Headteacher Introduction

Mr Paling Headteacher Introduction

"The education we offer at Quarrydale is built around a highly qualified team of staff committed to delivering a quality education to all our students"
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Term dates and INSETS for 2023-2024

Wednesday 6th September 2023 - Year 7/12/13
Thursday 7th September 2023 - Year 8/9/10/11
Thursday 19th October 2023
Monday 4th September 2023
Tuesday 5th September 2023
Friday 20th October 2023
Monday 6th November 2023
Friday 22nd December 2023
Thursday 4th January 2024
Friday 9th February 2024
Monday 29th January 2024
Monday 19th February 2024
Thursday 28th March 2024
Monday 15th April 2024
Friday 24th May 2024
Monday 3rd June 2024
Friday 26th July 2024
Friday 28th June 2024

Frequently askedquestions

What times are the school day?

The Academy day starts at 8:35 and finishes at 15:00
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How can I find out about getting my child admitted to Quarrydale?

Admissions information for Quarrydale can be found under "Admissions"
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What uniform should my child wear?

Quarrydale has a strict uniform policy. It can be found on our website.
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How can I keep up to date with news and events?

Visit the latest news section or follow us on Facebook!
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Who should I contact for support with my child?

Please contact your child's tutor or Head of Year
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Does Quarrydale offer music lessons?

Lessons can be signed up to here (Starting lessons or Renewing lessons ) or visit the encrichment part of our website
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Keep up to date withnews and events at Quarrydale

What our students say

"Quarrydale Academy's science lessons pushes me to new limits. I get to learn in new ways and with others. I can always ask questions and staff are always happy to help. I have the opportunity to take part in experiments and there is also a Science club anyone can attend after school."

I’m a year 12 student who enjoys reading and learning new things. I would love to become a paramedic once leaving school. I want to be able to help people and support families in tough times.

I have chosen science diploma, business studies and English literature, these were my favourite subjects at GCSE. I always found science interesting and fun to learn about. These subjects are mostly coursework based.

I wanted to study somewhere familiar where I knew that I had teachers who knew how to help me if I needed it.

You have more freedom than in lower school and studying is a lot more enjoyable as you are surrounded by people who genuinely want to learn.

"I really like Quarrydale, I am proud to wear the Quarrydale uniform. When I first joined, I felt a little nervous, but after the first week I felt a lot more comfortable and settled in well, making many new friends from lots of different primaries.

Going from lesson to lesson can be daunting but very quickly it becomes routine. I have had many different teachers throughout my first year who have different teaching strategies. My Favorite subjects are History and English. I love how in English we can work independently or with support. In History we learn a lot of interesting topics, sometimes learning about gory topics that make it more fun. You might have the opportunity to visit Berlin in year 9. In Design and Technology this year I have made a passive amplifier, a keyring, and a cushion, also flapjacks, chicken nuggets, fruit salad and curry.

As a year 7 tutor representative I have attended regular meetings, visited primaries to talk to the year 6’s about their worries/concerns. Helped when a year 6 and parent have visited Quarrydale for a tour and a chat, answering any questions and addressing any problems.

On sports day, the whole school was outside on the field, there were four main events with a year group taking part in each. There was an event suitable for everyone, last period we did the finals for running races. There also were teacher races and a tug of war where we got to watch the teachers struggle and compete.

At the end of year 7, as a reward for all our hard work we had a morning where we could have a break from lessons and go on the field, there were many different inflatables, a laser tag, and a rock-climbing wall.

My first year at Quarrydale has been amazing, full of successes and opportunities, it has flown by so quickly and I cannot wait to go into year 8 in September!"

“ I like this school and enjoy Art the most. I like that you have the freedom to be creative and artistic.

I love the chances we have as well. We have the opportunity to go on big trips like Berlin for History, and France in French. I like how we can go places not just in school, but also outside even if it’s just small trips."

"I’m a 17-year-old who’s goal is to become an accountant.

I take science diploma, core maths and business. I enjoy science diplomas it is a lot more interesting than GCSE and more advanced. I chose core maths as maths has always been my favourite subject and because I wasn’t able to get my grades for A Level this was an alternative that still lets me enjoy and continue with the subject that I love. I chose business as it was something new that I did not study in GCSE but will be good for my career path. Business is heavy in coursework but as I like the course I find it easy to make time.

Post 16 is helpful as all students have access to material and equipment from pens and paper to using their technology, such as laptops, ipads and the printer. Also at Post 16teachers are understanding of how much work we have to complete, therefore, assignment due dates are very reasonable. Teachers at Post 16 are always there for any students to help if they are feeling stressed or upset with their studies."


The Quarrydale Way

1. Do your best and don’t give up

3. Present your work proudly

5. Be polite

7. Be punctual

9. Respect each other and your learning environment

2. Be Kind

4. Be organised for learning

6. Wear your uniform correctly

8. Co-operate with all staff



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Phone Number

Enquires: 01623 554178